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At this stage, you may not know if you absolutely need a guaranteed issue policy or if you might qualify for another type of insurance. Perhaps you were told by a friend or relative that this was the policy for you because you will not have to answer any medical questions or take a medical exam.

It is our goal to answer any and all questions you may have and to give you the confidence in knowing if this is the right type of policy for you or a loved one.

When it comes to explaining guaranteed issue life insurance, this website is 100% fact-based. We are here to bring clarity to what can sometimes be a confusing and overwhelming topic.

This website is run by experienced life insurance experts who:

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On this site, we have over 35 articles, reviews, and guides to help you navigate the complexities of guaranteed issue life insurance.

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To find out if guaranteed issue life insurance is the right type of life insurance for you, read our Ultimate Guide to Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance below.

In this guide, you’ll learn what guaranteed issue life insurance is, who buys guaranteed life insurance, compare the pros and cons, show you rates, review three best companies, and explain how to purchase a policy.

Ultimate Guide to Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Table of Contents

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?
Who is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance For?
Pros of Guaranteed Life Insurance
Cons of Guaranteed Life Insurance
Guaranteed Life Insurance Rates (for men & women)
Top 3 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Carriers
4 Tips to Buy Guaranteed Life Insurance
How To Apply

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a life insurance policy that has no underwriting and is guaranteed to anyone. There are no health or lifestyle questions, medical underwriting, prescription reports or medical exams.

It is the simplest and fastest type of life insurance you can apply for, and almost nobody can be turned down. No matter what, you can still obtain a policy even if you have any number of critical, chronic or terminal illnesses.

This is why the word “guaranteed” is in the name!

Other Names for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Before we proceed, we will clarify the different ways you may see the term “guaranteed issue life insurance” written.

Typically you will see it written with some variation of “guaranteed” or “no questions,” and sometimes with “whole life,” “final expense,” “burial,” and “funeral” mixed in.

No matter what, “guaranteed” = “no questions.”Seniors with guaranteed issue life insurance

If you do not see these words, then it is not the same type of policy as covered on this website.

Each of these terms is referring to the exact same type of policy.

  • Guaranteed life insurance
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance
  • Guaranteed issue whole life insurance
  • Guaranteed issue funeral insurance
  • Guaranteed issue burial insurance
  • Guaranteed acceptance insurance
  • Guaranteed issue final expense insurance
  • No questions life insurance
  • No questions funeral insurance
  • No questions burial insurance
  • No questions final expense insurance

On this website, we will predominantly refer to the policy as “guaranteed issue,” “guaranteed acceptance” and “no questions insurance.”

There are other types of whole life, final expense, burial and funeral policies available that are NOT issued on a guaranteed basis. We will briefly go over these options below so you can understand what the alternative options are to a guaranteed or no questions insurance policy.

Features of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Below are features you should know that are characteristic of any guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

  • The Policy Will Not Expire At Any Age. No matter what, the carriers cannot cancel your policy on you. Your policy is guaranteed until you die, even if you live to age 120. This is why they’re often referred to as “guaranteed whole life” policies.
  • The Monthly Payments Will Not Increase On You. Even if the cost of living increases, you will be locked into the same premium rate until you pass away.
  • The Death Benefits Cannot Decrease. The face value of the policy is set in stone after the graded period.
  • The Policy Will Accrue Cash Value Which You Can Borrow From. As time goes on, your policy will accumulate cash that you can borrow or loan to yourself. This money either needs to be paid back or will be deducted from the policy payout to your beneficiaries.

These four points are true across all no questions life insurance carriers, most of which we outline in-depth on this website.

Who is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for?

It is definitely tempting to think of a life insurance policy that requires no questions as the obvious choice.

The truth is, guaranteed life insurance policies are only for a small percentage of people. Guaranteed acceptance policies should only be purchased by people who cannot get any other type of policy, period.

Man over 60 with a guaranteed issue life insurance policyFirst, they should see if they qualify for a policy that has underwriting and fewer limitations.

That said, there are several situations where a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is the only option.

Typically, guaranteed life insurance is best for seniors over 50 who cannot qualify other life insurance policies due to health reasons.

Speak with one of our agents to see if we can find you a cheaper life insurance rate than a guaranteed issue policy.

With Some Health Conditions, You Can Only Get A Guaranteed Life Insurance Policy

There are certain severe health conditions which will immediately make you uninsurable for a simplified issue policy.

For example, cancer patients can only qualify for guaranteed life insurance. However, cancer survivors may qualify for an underwritten policy depending on a number of factors.

When you’re in the process of applying, you’ll be asked a series of “knockout questions” about your health that will determine if you can only qualify for guaranteed life insurance.

See our guide to 9 of the most common high risk medical conditions to see what type of policy you should apply for.

Qualifying for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage is the easiest to obtain and requires the most basic mandatory information for all policies.

  • Citizenship: You must be a US Citizen or permanent legal
  • State Availability: Not every insurance company offers their products in every state. You must make sure that the policy you want is offered in the state you reside in.
  • Age Limitations: With age, every company has their own restrictions. For the most part, guaranteed issue policies are available to people at least 50 years or older. There are some that go younger, but they are very uncommon. Most companies will stop taking applicants after their 70’s, but there are some that go into the mid-80’s.
  • Legal Consideration: signing a life insurance policy is a legally binding agreement. In order to apply, you (or the person that’s applying) must have the mental capacity to enter into a legal contract. An example where this might be an issue is if the applicant has Alzheimer’s and they’re no longer able to legally consent to an agreement. The insurance carrier will not accept them, no matter if there is a legal guardian.

Alternatives to Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors

There are many whole life and term life insurance alternatives to guaranteed issue life insurance if you’re in good health.

However, for most seniors over 60 with health conditions a final expense policy is what you’re looking for.

If you are interested in a cheaper life insurance policy to take care of debts and costs associated with dying, there is a very high chance you can qualify for a simplified-issue final expense policy with underwriting.

Underwriting means that the insurance company will assess your health and lifestyle to determine your insurability.

When applying for an underwritten life insurance product, carriers take the following factors into account:

  • Current medical records
  • Past medical history
  • Pharmacy report
  • Credit history
  • Lifestyle

When it comes to your health, carriers know what the average life expectancy of every health issue is. Your life expectancy determines how high of a risk you are to an insurance company.

Again, always check that you don’t qualify for an underwritten policy before purchasing guaranteed life insurance. Just because you’re turned down by one life insurance company, doesn’t mean that none of them will take you.

Fill out the form on the page, and call our agents to find out!

Pros of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed life insurance policies, just like any other type of life insurance, have both pros and cons. Below are several benefits to this type of policy.

Policies are Guaranteed With No Medical Exam

One benefit to guaranteed acceptance life insurance is that there is no medical exam. You’re guaranteed to be accepted and won’t have to provide any detailed health information.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies Help Pay for Final Expenses

Money saved from guaranteed life insurancePeople usually purchase no questions life insurance policies for four major reasons.

  • Providing money to assist in your final arrangements, including burial and cremation expenses.
  • Relieving the burden of ongoing household expenses that your income no longer provides support for.
  • Assists in paying any remaining medical bills.
  • Help pay off some or all leftover debts.

The average cost of an adult funeral is over $7,000 and the average American household has credit card debt of $15,654. With that information, purchasing life insurance becomes a no-brainer.

A guaranteed insurance policy allows you to not worry about final arrangements and gives you peace of mind, instead of debt and burdens.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policies Do Pay Out For Accidents

Insurance carriers want to reduce the amount of risk they take on, which is why death by natural causes has a waiting period (we’ll cover that below). That said, they do understand that accidents are completely out of your control.

This is why every single guaranteed acceptance life policy will pay out the full face value if death occurs by an accident. This holds true even during the waiting period of the first 2-3 years.

Regardless if you are responsible for the accident (such as a car crash you caused), the payout is guaranteed and will take place after your surviving loved ones provide a death certificate and police report to the carrier.

Cons of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

As we said before, guaranteed issue life insurance is only for people who cannot qualify for other types of life insurance. Below are several reasons you should look for other policies IF you can qualify.

The Graded Death Benefit Period

The main way that insurance companies mitigate risk with these policies is through a mandatory waiting death benefit period.

This is called the graded death benefit period.

All companies who offer guaranteed life insurance policies without medical questions impose a restriction on the first several years of the policy.

The majority of companies have a 2-year waiting period, but some go as high as 3 years.

This means that if you pass away during the graded (or waiting) period, the insurance carrier will not pay out any death benefit to your beneficiary.

The graded period protects insurance companies from issuing a policy to someone with a high likelihood of passing away in the first 24-36 months. It is simply too risky for companies to insure someone who has an extreme medical condition, like terminal cancer, Alzheimer’s, or AIDS.

However, if you do pass away in the first two years, they will refund all of the premiums you have paid into the policy to date. In addition, they will also add an additional interest payment usually around 10%. This means all of the money you’ve paid in plus ~10% will be given to your beneficiaries.

This is the worst case scenario, of course. But no matter what, your beneficiaries will receive some sort of payment.

Guaranteed life insurance policies without a waiting period do not exist.

Coverage Amounts are Lower for Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

The majority of guaranteed acceptance life insurance carriers offer coverage up to $25,000. Some go a little higher, which we cover in out carrier reviews.

The reason that coverage amounts are much lower than other whole life policies or even term policies, is because carriers need to mitigate risk. Since anything guaranteed attracts people in poor health, companies are only willing to offer so much.

Keep in mind, these policies are also designed to cover the smaller debts and expenses that are left behind after you pass away. They are not designed to cover large mortgage loans, college tuition or significant income protection.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates

The cost of your guaranteed issue life insurance policy will depend on your age, health, medical condition, and other factors. However, to give you an idea of what to expect, here are some sample rates for both men and women.

The top row is the amount of coverage, and the numbers below that are the ranges of monthly premiums for each age. You will likely fall somewhere in that range depending on your health and specific age.

Note: These rates are not exact, and you may fall outside of the listed ranges. Contact us to get an exact quote.

Rates for Men


Rates for Women


Top 3 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Carriers

There are over a dozen life insurance companies that offer guaranteed life insurance policies. We’ve reviewed 15 of the top guaranteed life insurance companies in detail throughout this website, but we’ve decided on the top three industry leaders below.

These companies are popular for a reason as they all have B++ to A ratings, offer quality products, are competitively priced and very easy to work with.

For more detailed information about the products, click on the review link below the logo to see our full review on their guaranteed issue policy or see our comparison of these 3 guaranteed issue policies.


AIG life insurance logo

Our Full AIG Review & Rates Here

AIG Website

Founded: 1919

A.M. Best Rating: A

Age availability: 50-80

States Unavailable: NY

Face Amounts: $5,000- $25,000

Graded Period: 24 months

Interest Granted: 10%

AIG Guaranteed Issue Rates for Men


AIG Guaranteed Issue Rates for Women


Gerber Life Insurance Company

Gerber Life Insurance Carrier Logo

Our Full Gerber Life Review & Rates Here

Gerber Life Website

Founded: 1967

A.M. Best Rating: A

Age Availability: 50-80

States Unavailable: MT

Face Amounts: $5,000- $25,000

Graded Period: 24 months

Interest Granted: 10%

Gerber Guaranteed Issue Rates for Men


Gerber Guaranteed Issue Rates for Women


Great Western Insurance Company

Great Western Life Insurance LogoOur Full Great Western Insurance Review & Rates Here

Great Western Website

Founded: 1983

A.M. Best Rating: B++

Age Availability: 50 – 85

States Unavailable: NY

Face Amounts: $1,000 – $40,000

Graded Period: 24 months

Interested Granted: 10%

Great Western Guaranteed Issue Rates for Men


Great Western Guaranteed Issue Rates for Women


4 Tips When Buying Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

There are several things you should know before purchasing guaranteed issues life insurance. These tips will help you find the cheapest life insurance rates possible.

Tip #1 – Make Sure You Don’t Qualify for a Non-Guaranteed Policy

If you can qualify for a policy with medical questions, then you’ll likely get a cheaper rate, better coverage, or both. Always be sure you can only get a guaranteed life insurance policy before purchasing.

Tip #2 – Compare at least 2 Guaranteed Life Insurance Companies

Too many people purchase the first policy they see. It’s unlikely that the first policy you find will be the best rate and fit for your situation.

What do you do instead?

We recommend comparing as many guaranteed issue life insurance carriers as possible to find the cheapest rate.

Tip #3 – Work with an Independent Agent

The best way to secure the most affordable and quality life insurance policy for you is to consult with an independent life insurance agency. When you work with an independent agency that represents 15 or more guaranteed life insurance companies, they can shop around on your behalf.

Why do you want someone else doing the shopping for you?

An independent life insurance agent can compare over a dozen carriers fast!

You will save hours of research and get a qualified professional to ask any questions you may have.

In return, an independent agent will be able to ask you health questions to see if you REALLY need a guaranteed issue product or if you could qualify for another type of final expense policy. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing you received the best policy for you.

We speak with consumers daily who are overpaying for guaranteed acceptance life insurance through companies like John Hancock and Colonial Penn.

“Independent” is Important

Working with an independent agency means that its agents can sell policies from multiple guaranteed issue life insurance companies. You’ll get a wider selection of life insurance coverage options to truly find the best fit for you.

This is incredibly important for all people, but especially for those with high-risk health conditions. Other agents may only represent one or two companies so you don’t get the best rate.

Tip #4 – Apply Before Rates Go Up & To Start the Graded Period

The best time to apply for life insurance is always today. Every day that passes means your life insurance rates will go up.

For seniors over 50 or 60, this is even truer. As we get older, rates will increase faster and the coverage amounts that life insurance companies are willing to offer decline.

Also, the sooner the graded period starts, the more likely you’ll be to get the full policy amount. Wait too long and you may not get the coverage you and your family need.

How To Apply for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

To apply for guaranteed issue life insurance, you have two options.

  1. Agent helping compare guaranteed issue life insuranceResearch using this website and other online resources. Spend hours calling multiple carriers to compare quotes. Then choose the best policy for you.
  2. Work with an expert life Guaranteed Issue Life. We’ve helped 1000’s of people find life insurance and don’t charge you a dime. We can compare guaranteed life insurance companies fast and save you money.

If you work with an independent agency, you will have a dedicated agent whose only goal is to find the most appropriate policy for you.

To get in touch and begin working through the graded period, call us directly at 877-800-0450. We are a team of independent agents, licensed in all 50 states and our services are 100% free of charge.

Let us help you find the best guaranteed issue life insurance rates!

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