MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Review

Written by Jeff Root

MassMutual is a leader in the life insurance industry. Primed with a well-known reputation and financial strength, MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance seems like a great option. However, it’s always best to review and compare multiple guaranteed acceptance carriers.

Below, we’ll review the rates, features, and pros & cons of MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance. Then we’ll show you several alternatives, and why you will likely be able to find a better policy elsewhere.

What You’ll Learn

About MassMutual Life Insurance
MassMutual Life Insurance Ratings
MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Policy Overview & Rates
Pros of MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Cons of MassMutual’s Guaranteed Acceptance Policy
Alternatives to MassMutual Guaranteed Life Insurance

Mass Mutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Review

Before diving into their guaranteed acceptance policy, we’ll educate you on MassMutual as a company.

Disclaimer: We are not MassMutual nor are we affiliated with MassMutual. If you’d like a quote or want to apply, you must contact the company directly or visit

About MassMutual & Life Insurance

As their name implies, MassMutual is a company built on the foundation of being a mutual insurance company. This means that the company is owned by its policyholders and operates on a more conservative basis.

MassMutual is short for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, which was founded in 1851 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company started as a mutual life insurance company and is still one today. In fact, the popularity of mutual insurance companies began because of MassMutual.

Throughout their years, MassMutual has operated with the goal of protecting the loved ones of the policyholders and securing a future for all. In the beginning, this was done solely with life insurance, but as of 1981, they offer a full suite of life insurance products and group benefits, such as pensions and universal life.

MassMutual Financial Ratings

MassMutual’s numbers and ratings are among the strongest in the industry. As a Fortune 500 company, MassMutual has grown to more than $500B in total assets, with $560B in life insurance policies in force, and over $5B paid out in 2016 alone.

MassMutual is a financially sound company, and because of this, they are considered one of the most dependable life insurance companies in the US.

This is definitely evident in their ratings. Across the four major agencies who provide ratings of financial institutions, MassMutual is a straight-A student.

  • A.M. Best: – A++
  • Fitch: – AA+
  • Moody’s: – Aa2
  • Standard & Poor’s: – AA+

Without a doubt, MassMutual is a stable company that will make conservative decisions with your money and guarantees a timely payout.

MassMutual currently offers a wide range of life insurance products. Below we’ll review their guaranteed acceptance policy and compare it to similar products on the market.

MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Policy: Overview & Rates

Their policy has similar features of other guaranteed issue products.

  • Face Amount Range: $2,000 – $25,000
  • Age Availability: 50 – 75
  • State Availability: All
  • Graded Period: 24 months
  • Premiums Returned: 10%
  • Riders: None available
  • How to Apply: Directly through the carrier

All of these features are fairly standard for guaranteed acceptance life insurance, so we’ll need to look deeper into their policy to decide if it’s right for you.

Pros of MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

The MassMutual guaranteed acceptance policy has several benefits that you should know.

The Policy is Guaranteed Acceptance for Anyone

MassMutual offers this product on a guaranteed basis, meaning you cannot be denied for coverage.

There are zero medical underwriting, health questions, pharmacy reports, or credit checks.

Anyone can receive this policy, although it’s meant for those who have been declined for insurance coverage by other carriers. This is not unique to MassMutual, however, as all guaranteed acceptance products are based on the same premise.

Alongside the no medical questions or underwriting, MassMutual has a 2-year graded period with accidental death coverage and a 110% return of premium if death occurs within the graded period.

They’re a Reputable Company & Financial Strength

As mentioned before, MassMutual is a reputable company with a strong financial position. They have some of the best ratings across all of the life insurance carrier reviews on this website.

Since not all insurance companies are created equal and not all guaranteed issue policies are created equally, this matters. In fact, we always advise taking a companies history and rating into consideration when making a purchase. It could mean the difference between future headaches for you or your beneficiaries after you pass or a smooth transaction that eases the burden your passing brings.

MassMutual Offers Lower Coverage Amounts

Whenever there is a core feature that varies from the typical guaranteed issue policy, we usually consider it a strength, because it gives people options.

With MassMutual, that one difference is that available policy amounts go as low as $2,000. Most other carriers begin at $5,000.

However, although we consider this a strength, the truth is most people would not need coverage that low. Paying a monthly premium for only $2,000 would not provide your beneficiaries with very much protection after you’re gone. Most carriers begin at a higher amount because they know that the average cost of a funeral and other common final expenses exceed $2,000.

Cons of MassMutual’s Guaranteed Acceptance Policy

So far it seems like a great policy, but you’ll find out that other policies have added benefits that MassMutual does not provide.

They have Low Age Availability

MassMutual will only insure people up to age 75, which is at least 5 years lower than most other top life insurance carriers like Gerber Life who insure people until at least 80.

MassMutual’s Rates are Higher

MassMutual is one of the life insurance companies that spend a sizeable budget on marketing. As such they are also one of the companies that do not offer their pricing or a free quote on their website.

They do state that “rates start at less than $10 per month,” but when you read the fine print, that rate is for $2,000 in coverage for a 50-year-old-woman. In other words, they found the most affordable case study that there possibly could be (females are always a lower rate than males), and used that as a baseline for “affordability.”

We find that other carriers like AIG (Corebridge) or Gerber Life typically have lower rates for a similar or better policy.

The Policy has No Riders or Added Policy Benefits

Beyond price, there is value to be gained from some guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies while you’re still alive. These are not available through all carriers and could be an important part of your decision-making process.

With MassMutual, there are no Riders or Accelerated Death Benefits.

If a feature like this is important to you, we suggest looking at our top high-risk life insurance companies who offer living benefits at no or low additional costs.

MassMutual Uses a Mail-In Claims Process

In old-school fashion, MassMutual still requires that death benefit claims be processed through the mail.

This can easily cause the claims process to take longer than expected. They mention that claims only take 10 business days to process, but mail delays can easily happen by no fault of yours or the carriers. It’s just the reality of traditional mail.

Alternatives to MassMutual Guaranteed Life Insurance

MassMutual is a strong company, but it’s not your only option. The best alternative to MassMutual is to work with an independent agency that can shop across multiple carriers to find the best price for you.

When you purchase a MassMutual policy, you have to go directly to the company and will not have multiple choices presented. This could lead to an impulse buy or feeling like you just don’t have enough information to make an educated decision.

What can you do instead? You have 2 choices.

  1. Compare life insurance carriers like Great Western, Mutual of Omaha, and dozens of others on your own.
  2. Work with an independent agent.

Why Work with an Independent Agent

An independent agent can shop across carriers, answer any questions you have and look at your unique circumstances to make appropriate recommendations.

You may have noticed that we are not an actual life insurance carrier. Instead, we represent multiple guaranteed acceptance life insurance carriers.

If you think that a guaranteed life insurance policy is right for you, or simply have questions, give us a call. You can get no-obligation quotes across multiple carriers so you and your family can discuss in private.

You can also access quotes for your exact age by using the free and easy quoter on this page. Instantly you’ll be presented with custom prices designed just for you or your loved one.

This way you’ll feel confident that you got a better rate & policy than the MassMutual guaranteed acceptance life insurance product.

About Jeff Root & Guaranteed Issue Life
About Jeff Root & Guaranteed Issue Life

Jeff Root is the author of The Digital Life Insurance Agent and host of the Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast.

Guaranteed Issue Life is a nationally licensed agency, that has helped over 1500 consumers purchase guaranteed issue life insurance. We represent over 30 life insurance companies & transact business in every state.

All content on this site has been written by life insurance experts & licensed life insurance agents.

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